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Algona is an agricultural merchant that works to help satisfy society’s demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. Working in close partnership with a trusted network of Australian and Argentinean horticulture producers, we are dedicated to quality and consistency. We supply customers across the globe and work hard to procure excellent supply for our customers.

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Algona seeks to both learn from the growers with whom we work, and work hard to provide feedback and market insights that will allow them to continue to grow their businesses. Algona is dedicated to keeping its costs of doing business as low as possible. We aim to deliver the maximum value up and down the supply chain.

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Brisbane Office

Level 1, 661 Oxley Road, Corinda QLD 4075 Australia

Sydney Office

108 Queen Street, Woollahra, NSW 2025 Australia

Buenos Aires

Honduras 5663 (C1414BNE)  

Cuidad Autonoma de Buenos Aires Argentina


Adriano Brescia

+61 499 443 351. adriano@algona.co

Ben O’Brien

+61 408 450 420  ben@algona.co

Louis Joseph

+61 429 659 512  louis@algona.co

Francisco Pini 

+54 911 6113 6184.   francisco@algona.co    

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